Entry #1

More Music!

2008-11-19 14:26:00 by Ihsman07

Well, until I've posted up all the music I've made, I've decided to submit two songs daily. How's that for submissions? Heh. Enjoy!


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2008-11-21 17:15:48

Ahoy there Ihsman! It be easports25 from FA!

Ihsman07 responds:

Greetings. How be you?


2008-11-27 22:28:31

Eh, not much. Thanksgiving was a blast, though. What about you?

Ihsman07 responds:

Thanksgiving went great for me too. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. ^_^


2010-10-28 05:44:02

Hey, It's D2ragon from FA. What's up?